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IMG_4843Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

We’re heading off for an inspirational journey (possible resident artist opportunity). This extended journey away from the usual environment will help refresh our minds so that we’ll come back with new creative ideas and a more clear direction of where our studio is heading…

IMG_4516In celebration of our studio’s 3rd anniversary, we’re off for a little vacation to rest and to plan the year ahead. Business will resume in August.

IMG_4322We’ve finally used our experimental silkscreen printing skill to design and print our very own studio t-shirts! […]

IMG_4242We’ve designed and made 4 postcards of Endangered Species. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time but just never got to it. […]

PrintWe wish Everyone a (belated) Happy New Year 2017!! We were a bit busy churning out Christmas trees over the holidays, it’s a design exercise that seems to be turning into our studio’s annual tradition.

2016 was the year we began to reveal our ideas and products to the outside world, […]

We experimented with silkscreen printing after getting less than satisfactory result with the linoleum stamps. […]

img_3817We experimented with stamp making by CNCing our logo on linoleum (i.e. linocut). The result was satisfactory, it’s an area we shall explore further in the future. […]

We partnered with Hot Spot Workshop to participate in the quarterly JCCAC craft fair over the past weekend, thank you everyone for dropping by our booth and letting us share with you our designs and products for the first time!